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RV Remedies for Ailing Pets

Posted on Mar 03, 2021

Expect the unexpected, especially when it involves kids and pets. The anticipation of potential situations is a good idea, especially when you know you’ll be away for a while and away from easily accessed a veterinary clinic. You may be renting a recreational vehicle in Los Angeles, but your road trip may take you far away from everything familiar and convenient. Pets can encounter all kinds of hazards and get into all kinds of trouble that they would normally not encounter in your backyard.

Work with Your Vet

Your veterinarian can help you prepare for potential pet problems while on the road. There is a good chance that your vet already deals with these issues for other patients and has a basic list of medical provisions and contingencies that can allow you to handle nominal pet health issues while traveling. Here at our Los Angeles motor home rental location, we can help you work with a vet to make sure you are fully prepared for several situations.

Now that we are connected to our physicians online, setting up that connection in case advice is required is a good idea. Remember that you need to stock up on regular prescriptions for your pet as well as prepare for an unusual event. In both instances, your vet should have information that they can send with you and will be able to help you prepare your pet for their RVcation.

Start with a Clean Bill of Health

Your pets need the best defense going into the journey. They probably need a follow-up afterward. They could get into areas where they can pick up ticks that can carry lime disease or suffer an allergic reaction from something they come into contact with, that they wouldn’t normally. Rabies vaccination is also something to make sure they stay current on. Several treatments should not be considered “home remedies.” Keep up on regularly scheduled treatments for fleas, ticks, and heartworms. On an RV trip, you may find it easier to just pop a chewable version of medication into their mouth than administering traditional oil-based medications.

Stressed Out Pets

If you are renting a motor home in LA, sometimes the traveling part of the journey, especially just getting out of town, can be stressful to your pet. For this, we recommend bringing along something to calm them down, like melatonin. Add the amount directed by the vet to your pet’s food. This will make it easier for them to ingest. Another option is CBD oil. CBD products, although hemp-derived, it lacks THC content, which means it is legal in most places and has fewer side effects than pharmaceutical medications like phenobarbital. The less likelihood of side effects on a road trip, the better.

The Basic “Must Haves”

It is a good idea to have available a basic assortment of over-the-counter treatments for incidental occurrences. This can include cortisone, Benadryl, and an antibiotic cream for cuts and scrapes.

Additional treatment tools that not all travelers consider are a lighter and tweezers for tick removal. Examine your pet when they come back into the RV. Ticks bury themselves under the skin and need to be burned, not only to remove them but to kill them so they don’t move to another family member.

Prepare for Your Trip

If you are renting a motor home in LA, or choosing a Calabasas RV rental, and you bring a pet along on your trip, know that Expedition Motorhomes considers them to be more than travelling companions. They are family and often our best friends so do your homework and make sure that you are prepared for their basic and potential emergency medical needs. Make it a healthy time for them and you. As with many other aspects of life on the road, it is best to be prepared and anticipate the possibilities ahead of time.

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