The Shortest Month

Have you ever wondered why February only has 28 days while all the rest have 30 and 31? Maybe someone reading this can help me out with this one, because I would really love to know.

This months blog is a call to action. I sort of feel like Uncle Sam, pointing my finger at you saying, “We Want You!” …this message is for motor home owners. Consider it an “exclusive invite”. Renting out your motor home has HUGE incentive. It is an excellent tax deduction for one thing. Also, it is an income earner. As much as the economy has suffered over the last few years, RV rentals are booming, and we need to meet that demand. Be a part of our program. We would love to work WITH you! I am not going to give you a bunch of rah-rah shinanagan stuff. If interested though, please look at us closely. See what we offer. And see if we are right for you.


Expedition Motor Home, Inc. Staff

New Year Resolution

Life is meant to be cherished and enjoyed.  Right?  Or is it just meant to be lived out living to work, gaining pieces of knowledge, only to realize that there is an infinite amount of pieces still to be learned.  Are we here to spend all of our todays coming to terms with our past and worrying about our future?  I say no!  No to letting others decide who we are and our circumstances being the end all to what we can become!  We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, so let your adventurous side be what it is meant to be…free!  Make a change this upcoming year and do what you think might not be possible.  The great outdoors is dying to be explored.  An RV is just one way to get to know Mother Nature (a fun way I might add…geocaching?).  There is so much to learn and appreciate.  This might be new, so could it be scary?  Sure, but so is anything worth doing.

Californias New Winter Vacation..A Sleigh Ride in a Motor Home

Although the winter season does not seem like the most appropriate time for being outside, especially with the thought of cuddling by the crackling fire with a blanket and fuzzy slippers, listening to some soft music, reading a mystery novel by Nancy Drew (okay, maybe those books are for high schoolers, but this our story to invent!), and sipping some eggnog out of your favorite mug.  If you were picturing that in your home, boy do I have news for you!  Motor homes are the NEW winter vacation getaway.  No, really!  I am being serious.  Okay, think about it.  What is better than sitting on a camping chair, feeling the campfire heat swirling around your face mixed with the fresh salty breeze of the Pacific ocean.  While taking a sip of hot cocoa, you see the beginning rays of daylight dance across the glistening glass which breaks onto the sand.  Where else can you take your accommodations of home with you wherever you go on your vacation?  Motor homes are designed for this sort of thing.  It is what they do.  Once you ride in one, you won’t want to go back to packing the family like sardines into the suburban and driving 10 hours only to find that what was supposed to be “quality vacation time” turned out to be the 20th century civil war.  Parents against children, brothers against sisters.  Oy vey!  Let’s avoid that fiasco completely.  Rent an RV and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. California is beautiful.  Try Ventura, Malibu, San Diego, San Fransisco, Ocotillo Wells, Palm Springs, (you name it!) in one of our privately owned coaches.

New Beginnings

As the summer season comes to an end, we at Expedition Motor Homes, are very excited for new and innovating ideas, but in order to do this, we want to get an idea of what has worked for you in the past.  We just had a staff meeting, and are talking about how we can help people/friends/family have a truly life changing experience.  Kodak moments in other words.  So we want to invite you to check out our Facebook page, and if you are interested post some pictures, and share your experiences that made your RV trip so wonderful, or funny, or crazy, or whatever.  You  get where I am going with this.  You, every single one of you who have rented from us are our oxygen.  We are alive today, after 13 years of being in business, because of you.  So thank you!  We also appreciate the love you show by taking care of the motor homes you rent, and treating it like your own.  We are looking to make several adjustments and make great new beginnings in this upcoming year, so stay posted!

Thanksgiving in a Motor Home??!

Instant potatoes from a box, green beens and cranberry sauce from a can, a half eaten, from a bear, pumpkin pie, and of course, we can’t forget the turkey that uncle Ben took down “in only one shot” when taking little Joey out for his first hunting trip.   Okay, so maybe its not the IDEAL Thanksgiving meal, but it sure is something getting to sit and watch the sun set on the Grand Tetons while warming up by the crackling campfire, watching the dog lick the marsh mellow mess on Jennifer’s face.  Kodak moments.  Isn’t that what we live for?  Those moments don’t just happen on their own.  They are created.  Live life to the fullest!  Create these memories by renting your own motor home this season.  Make sure you check out our RV specials!

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