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5 March Break Beach Getaways

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

March Break is right around the corner but even if you are blessed with beautiful year round weather like here in Southern California, you are probably already looking forward to springing ahead to summer. With a California rental RV from Expedition Motor Homes, the wait is over! Chisel out some time this spring to pretend it’s summer and explore some of Southern California’s finest beaches. Expedition Motor Homes is ready to equip you with the perfect California RV rental to help you kick those wintertime blues and soak up some SoCal sun. With countless options along the Golden State’s famed coastline you simply can’t go wrong, but here are five of our favorites that are guaranteed to be unforgettable.

El Matador State Beach

When exploring Southern California in your rental from Expedition Motor Homes you would be remiss to skip over Malibu’s El Matador State Beach. Though lesser known than the others on our list the rugged beauty of this coastal jewel is not to be missed. El Matador is marked by large boulders, steep cliffs, deep blue water, secluded coves and is the best place to catch a true Californian sunset on this list.

Venice Beach

From quiet and secluded to quite the opposite, no California rental RVbeach trip would be complete without at least some time spent on Venice Beach. Venice is world famous for its eccentric Ocean Front Walk, and after just minutes of exploring you will discover why. The beach and boardwalk are filled with street performers, artists, shops, restaurants, and some of the best people watching in all of Southern California.

Hermosa Beach

If you are looking for more than people watching or immaculate natural beauty for your Expedition Motor Homes beach escape than Hermosa Beach may be just right. The beach is famous for the full gamut of activities – volleyball, swimming, surfing, soccer, lounging, etc. – and the surrounding area is full of wonderful dining and nightlife options. Hermosa Beach is yet another quintessential stop for the full California beach experience.

Crystal Cove State Park

More akin to El Matador State Beach, Crystal Cove State Park and beach are ripe with natural beauty and room for exploration. The park includes over three miles of Pacific coastline, nearly 1,500 acres set aside for marine conservation, 2,400 acres of canyons, and plenty of secrets to uncover via hiking trails, mountain biking, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming or surfing. Of course, Crystal Cove State Park is also the perfect spot to lay back and enjoy the beauty of the Golden State from your California rental RV.

Santa Monica Beach and Pier

Rounding off our list is the one-two punch of Santa Monica Beach and Pier. While the beach itself is beautiful and worth a stop, the historic Santa Monica Pier is what keeps visitors coming back for more. The over 100-year-old boardwalk and pier is home to carnival games and food, amusement rides, and entertainers. Wherever your interests lie, Santa Monica Beach and Pier is a must visit on your “Shake-the-Wintertime-Blues” Expedition Motor Homes spring vacation.

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